Ruup has its origins in an Estonian Academy of Arts interior architecture programme course for first year students, led by architects Aet Ader, Karin Tõugu, Kadri Klementi and Mari Hunt from architecture studio B210 and by Derelict Furniture designers Tõnis Kalve and Ahti Grünberg. The initial spark for Ruup came from Estonian author, semiotician Valdur Mikita and his dream of building a "forest library".

Author of the idea: Birgit Õigus
Construction: Birgit Õigus, Mariann Drell, Ardo Hiiuväin, Lennart Lind, Henri Kaarel Luht, Mariette Nõmm, Johanna Sepp, Kertti Soots, Sabine Suuster

Photography: Tõnu Tunnel, Henno Luts, Renee Altrov

If you'd like to be part of something similar, you could come and study interior architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Ruup was made possible by help from Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian Forest Management Centre RMK.